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- Bell 206 Tool Index -

Main Rotor Tooling

206-MR-F-01 (T100220) Main Rotor Sling
206-MR-F-02 Yoke Lock
206-MR-F-03 A/B Hub Stand
206-MR-F-03L Hub Stand
206-MR-F-05 Latch Bolt Socket
206-MR-F-06 Alignment Pins
206-MR-F-08 (T101544/576/571) Static Balance Kit
206-MR-F-08.1 Aluminum Parallels
206-MR-OH-09 Excluder Remover
206-MR-OH-10 Excluder Installer
206-MR-F-11 Pitch Horn Spreader
206-MR-F-12 Blade - Grip Plates
206-MR-F-13 (T101491) Pillow Block Bearing Removal Tool
206-MR-OH-14 Pressing Plug
206-MR-OH-15 Pressing Plug
206-MR-OH-16 Wear Sleeve Press
206-MR-OH-18 Trunnion Wrench
206-MR-F-19 Tab Bender Set
206-MR-OH-20 Static Balance Kit
206-RM-F-21A Trunnion Centering Tool
206-MR-F-21B/L Trunnion Centering Tool

Mast Tooling

206-MAST-F-02 (T102040) Nut Wrench
206-MAST-F-04 V-Blocks
206-MAST-F-05 (206-240-002-101) Holding Fixture

Swash Plate Tooling

206-SP-F-01 Pressing Plug, Inner Ring
206-SP-F-02 Pressing Plug, Duplex Bearing
206-SP-F-04 (T101530) Bearing Staking Tool
206-SP-F-05 Line Reamer
206-SP-F-06 Pressing Plug, Lower Seal
206-SP-F-08 Spring Scale

Transmission Tooling

206-XMSN-OH-01 (T101308) Jackscrew Set
206-XMSN-OH-02 (T101501) Case Wrench
206-XMSN-OH-03 (T101502) Gear Shaft Wrench
206-XMSN-OH-04 (T101507) Pinion Installation/Removal Tool
206-XMSN-OH-05 (T101509) Back Lash Tool
206-XMSN-OH-06 (T101555) Input Adapter Wrench
206-XMSN-OH-07 (T101735) Back Lash Tool
206-XMSN-OH-08L (T101883) Holding Fixture Set
206-XMSN-OH-09 (T102136) Gearshaft Wrench
206-XMSN-OH-10 (T101332) Planetary Installation Pin
206-XMSN-OH-11 (T101574) Planetary Guide Shaft
206-XMSN-OH-12 (T101504) Accessory Gear Housing Assembly
206-XMSN-OH-14B (T101508-3) Holding Fixture Set
206-XMSN-OH-15 Duplex Installation/Removal Tool
206-XMSN-OH-16 Input Gearshaft Tool
206-XMSN-OH-20 Planetary Support Tool
206-XMSN-OH-21L(T104140) Cover & Lift Assembly
206-XMSN-OH-22(T101547) Drag Pin Staking Tool
206-XMSN-F-23(DB3188) Drain Kit
206-XMSN-OH-24 Roll Staking Kit
206-XMSN-OH-25 Pressing Plug
206-XMSN-OH-26 Centering Plug
206-XMSN-OH-27 Centering Plug Set

Main Drive Shaft Tooling

206-MDS-F-01 Grease Applicator
206-MDS-F-02 Holding Tool

Freewheeling Unit Tooling

206-FWU-F-01 (T101308) Jackscrew Set
206-FWU-F-02 Bearing/Seal Pressing Plug
206-FWU-F-03 Outer Race Pressing Plug
206-FWU-F-04 Bearing Pressing Plug
206-FWU-F-05 Output Adapter Pressing Ring
206-FWU-F-06 Thrust Bearing Pressing Plug
206-FWU-F-07 Outer & Inner Shaft Pressing Tube
206-FWU-F-08 Seal Removal/Installation Kit
206-FWU-F-08-A Seal Removal Kit
206-FWU-F-08-B Seal Installation Tool
206-FWU-F-09 Single Seal Installation Tool
206-FWU-OH-10 Seal Installation & Removal Tool
206-FWU-OH-11 Fixture Assembly
206-FWU-OH-12 Removal Set
206-FWU-OH-13 Disassembly Fixture
206-FWU-OH-14 Bearing Installation Sleeve
206-FWU-OH-15 Bearing Removal Driver
206-FWU-OH-16 Bearing Installation Sleeve
206-FWU-OH-17 Bearing Installation Sleeve
206-FWU-OH-18 Socket
206-FWU-OH-19 Drain Kit
206-FWU-OH-20 Spanner Wrench
206-FWU-F-21 Seal & Wear Sleeve Tool

Engine Tooling

206-ENG-F-01 Engine Wash/Rinse Bottles
206-ENG-F-02B Bleed Valve Plug
206-ENG-F-03 Strut Clean Kit
206-ENG-F-04 Engine Lifting Eye
206-ENG-F-05 Fuel Control Wrench
206-ENG-F-06 Fuel Nozzle Wrench

Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Tooling

206-TRDS-F-01 Knife Edge Balancer
206-TRDS-F-02 Bearing Installation Pressing Plug

Tail Rotor Gearbox Tooling

206-TRGB-F-01 Socket
206-TRGB-OH-03 Spline Wrench
206-TRGB-F-04 Input Wrench
206-TRGB-OH-05 Input Output Tool
206-TRGB-OH-06 Anchor Tool
206-TRGB-OH-07 Gearbox Mount

Tail Rotor Tooling

206-TR-F-02 Trunnion Centering Plug
206-TR-F-03 Roll Stake Housing
206-TR-F-04 Sleeve Support
206-TR-F-05 Trunnion Bearing Removal Tool
206-TR-F-06 Tail Rotor Static Balance Kit

Flight Control Tooling

206-FC-F-01 Collective Stick Position
206-FC-F-02L Servo Valve Centering Pins
206-FC-F-03B Cyclic Inner Ring Position
206-FC-F-03L Cyclic Inner Ring Position
206-FC-F-03L4 Cyclic Inner Ring Position
206-FC-F-04B Cyclic Servo Belcrank
206-FC-F-04L Cyclic Servo Belcrank
206-FC-F-05 Blade Surface Tool
206-FC-F-06 Tail Rotor Flap
206-FC-F-07 Vertical Tunnel, Tail Rotor
206-FC-F-08L Elevator Neutral Tool
206-FC-F-09L Elevator Belcrank Tool
206-FC-F-10 Rigging Tool

- Bell 222 Tool Index -

Transmission Tooling

222-XMSN-OH-01 Trans. Dirveshaft Wrench

Gearbox Tooling

222-TRGB-OH-01 Input Adapter Holder
222-TRGB-F-02 Tail Rotor Locknut Wrench

- Bell 407 Tool Index -

Main Rotor Tooling

407-MR-F-01 Anti-Torque Adapter
407-MR-OH-02 Main Rotor Work Aid

Mast Tooling

407-MAST-OH-01 Mast Holding Wrench
407-MAST-OH-02 Nut Wrench
407-MAST-OH-03 Bearing Installation Tooll
407-MAST-OH-04 Work Aid

Transmission Tooling

407-XMSN-F-01 Drain Kit
407-XMSN-OH-02 Adapter

Swash Plate Tooling

407-SP-OH-01 Roll Stake Tool

Freewheeling Unit Tooling

407-FWU-OH-20 Spanner Wrench
407-FWU-OH-21 Wrench Assembly
407-FWU-OH-22 Holding Tool
407-FWU-OH-23 Adapter Bearing Installation Tool

Tail Rotor Driveshaft Tooling

407-TRDS-F-01 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Alignment Tool

Tail Rotor Gearbox Tooling

407-TRGB-OH-01 Sleeve Holder
407-TRGB-OH-02 Drilling Fixture
407-TRGB-OH-03 Drill Fixture
407-TRGB-F-04 Drain Kit

Tail Rotor Tooling

407-SP-OH-01 Roll Stake Tool
407-TR-F-02 Blade Surface Tool
407-TR-F-03 Tail Rotor Centering Tool
407-TR-OH-04 Roll Stake Tool

- Bell 430 Tool Index-

Main Rotor Tooling

430-MR-F-01 Blade Bolt Guide

Freewheeling Unit Tooling

430-FWU-F-01 Seal Removal/Installation Kit
430-FWU-F-01A Seal Removal Tool
430-FWU-F-01B Seal Installation Tool

Tail Rotor Gearbox Tooling

430-TRGB-OH-01 Bearing Retaining Nut Wrench
430-TRGB-OH-02 Duplex Bearing Nut Wrench
430-TRGB-OH-03 Output Shaft Assy. Tool Set

- Bk 117 and B0105 Tooling Index -

P/N 11743001 W3 Tail Rotor Control Fixture
P/N 11743001 W2 Pedal Lock Assembly
P/N BK2G1251 Oil/Transmission Drain Kit
P/N DB 4676 Tail Rotor Gearbox Drain Kit
P/N X56122267 Puller-Oil Cooler Lock Tab Removal
P/N 10514101 Wl Rotor Head Bearing/Seal Rem. Tool
P/N B4676 Trgb Drain Hold Fixture
P/N BK117-12020W16 Freewheeling Unit Rem. Kit
P/N BK 117XMSN-OH-01 Trans. Lower Case Cover Extractor
P/N 117/105-15103 W6 Grip Bonding Tool
P/N BK117-15004 W6 Blade Bushing Tool Set

- Lycoming Tooling Index -

P/N LTCT 5390 Engine Seal Install/Rem Tool
P/N LTCT 19056-01 Pt Retention Tool
P/N LTCT 30332 Bearing From Seal Removal Tool
P/N LTCT 30333 Shim Gap Check Gage
P/N LTCT 30334 Bearing Seal Puller
P/N LTCT 30335 Bearing Sleeve Installation Tool
P/N LTCT 30336 Shim Selection Simulator Gage
P/N LTCT 12057-10 Lockwasher Staking Tool
P/N LTCT 12057-11 Lockwasher De-Staking Tool
P/N LST 1066-3 3% Back-Off Fuel Control Stop
P/N LST 1066-6 6% Back-Off Fuel Control Stop
P/N LTCT 5708 Spline Shaft Hold Assembly

- Mitsubishi Diamond Jet -

P/N 45A99147-001 Jack Pad Assembly

- Sikorsky Tooling Index -

P/N 2-58T 2 Piece Flange Wrench

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